Corporate Tomboy

What are you offering and who is it for? A clothing brand that encourages women empowerment across all spheres. A movement designed to create a ladder of possibilities for women across the world to unite as a community. To be the brand of women empowerment, sisterhood, mental health, mentorship etc. Corporate Tomboy... It's a movement! We are stronger together.
Where do you stand right now and what is your number one priority? We have launched with a basic line of Tshirts and caps. Our focus is Increasing our followers and member base. Getting people to talk about the movement and give back. Next steps: Funding to expand our brand from T-shirts and caps to underwear, blazers and shirts. We have launched but simple
What makes you and your team the best fit for building your product? We both believe in giving back and this is why we have created this movement to ensure we empower girls and women across the world. We both love fashion and decided that be an all inclusive brand to drive community and support. We have loads of women putting their hands up to assist with mentorship, interview prep assistance, style guides, self defense etc. This is a full circle empowerment movement.
What makes this time perfect for your product to hit market? Online retail is currently booming all over the world but we feel our brand is not only fashion and style. We believe the tomboy, lgbtq community is stepping out and claiming their spot in the sun in a huge way. Also the recently elected Vice President of the US, makes it very clear that women are showing up and making it known. Look at the president of New Zealand that cleared NZ of covid in a swift manner. We want to be the brand that girls and women look up to all over the world as a sense of community and support.
Tell us about your go to market strategy. We have launched but with promotional gear as tshirts and caps.We created our Instagram @corporatetomboy and Linkedin and Facebook pages.We have a number of followers and orders already and people requesting different sizes etc.  Our next item would be lady briefs.We have limited personal funding so we are putting one foot in front of the other and not being too hasty with merchandise and no market.  I started using the hashtag a few years ago to identify my clothing style and then thought it best to launch my own clothing line and actually do good with the brand. I feel my purpose in life is to give back and make a difference. To leave a legacy and not a house full of material things. I would rather wake up daily with purpose and passion and have less cash than work 8 -5 and enrich myself and have no drive and purpose.

Our humble opinion..

We are independently giving feedbacks without hearing each other first, that gives you real different perspectives and is fun for us to read each other's view too!

Don't mind typos since we want this to be our unfiltered first impressions without overthinking

  1. You do not start a movement, it happens. It’s something you can’t force, you might have laid the foundation with your hashtag a few years ago. What you stand for is unfortunately not really shown to advantage on the website. Therefore I would recommend to focus much more on your mission. Orientate yourself on brands you appreciate and see what you want to change

  2. The story is very noble. But I need to be very straight here: I don’t see much substance here. You are speaking about a movement, about support. What I do see here is only a little shop with three items. Where is the support? What is the movement about? Are expecting women to buy your stuff and then become part of the movement? Shouldn’t it be better the other way around? I believe it would grow even better,if you make the movement the center of attention and later start selling white t-shirts. Once you have your community, your fan base, they will do what you want from them.
    Maybe you could also get some artists that can design your shirts and support your work. You can also spend some revenue into support for women etc.
    So all in all the story and the commercial aspect doesn’t feel to be ready. It’s gonna be hard making this successful as it is.