we smartify devices based on European values

Olaf Schindler


What are you offering and who is it for? we ramp up an cross-industry IoT App Store based on European values- no the winner takes all mentality - data sovereignty for end-customers. quick scaling via an end-to-end stack to smartify all kinds of devices and enable device manufactures to stay competitive, gather data and establish an end-customer relationship
Where do you stand right now and what is your number one priority? Seed financing round closed, tech stack in development - priority is growth. Therefore we approach decision makers of device manufacturers and retailers
What makes you and your team the best fit for building your product? long lasting experience in ramping up an cross industry ecosystem. highly intrinsic motivated to develop more sustainable ways of using personalized data
What makes this time perfect for your product to hit market? decreasing cots of connectivity, People reflect on their unbridled release of personal data, since pandemic my home is my castle - but I don't want to sit Amazon/Alibaba right next to me
Tell us about your go to market strategy. very focused on clear use case for device manufacturers - we smartify their devices - they get data - we monetize the end-customer (if he wants) via offering value added services of ecosystem partners

Our humble opinion..

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  1. So im always more strict with the guys hope you dont mind 😉 the hero image is great and sets the right mood of being revolutionary or exciting. and defintely its a good choice to not show a device or something geeky like that. The term IOT seems to be important and popped up first time further down the site. Too far down. The upper part confused me at first and i didnt know what you’re all about. a good hero needs to tell you in under 3 seconds why it makes sense to keep readin. It could of course also be intended and more of a 1:1 salesy business where the website just needs to set the tone and be low profile but then again keep it minimal and reduce the rest of the information as well. The timing is a bit tricky, of course there’s a lot of smart home stuff going on and then again its still slower than you thought a couple of years ago when it started to become a topic. The kids are super cute but didnt get it to be honest 😉 I love that you really are solving the problem of personal data in smart devices. I would love to use these devices myself but keep being paranoid with alexa and co exactly. So as a key differentiator this needs to be part of your storytelling everywhere! The funny thing is these interviews here are sometimes more to the point than the very own website. great exercise. So in general: Happy about approaches like yours, keep advocating and talking about it and dont be shy about it 🙂

  2. When giving my lectures for E-Businesses or Online Marketing I am repeating myself a million times with my own quote: Users are stupid, lazy or both”. Which includes myself as well. I had to dig deep into your interview and your website to hardly understand what you are offering. And still I am not 100% sure. Now imagine the stupid or lazy user visiting your website… Do you really expect them to research your website in order to find you amazing?
    You should always expect that their patience is not longer than the one if a fruit fly.
    So first step should be to rethink your storyline. What is the pain that most of your clients had before they met you? And how did you solve it? And am I, as a potential new client, the right one for your offer? You need to answer these questions in an eye blink.
    And then I recommend to go out and do some hardcore sales by bothering potential customers to death, until they try your product and become real fans. You need the little plant from where you can start growing your plantation.