One day in the summer we all met on a festival

Laura Höcherl

Speisekarte Digital

What are you offering and who is it for? Demand for mobile-based booking of restaurant services has been increasing all along. With Covid and growing distance between guests and gastronomes, this demand has been exploding. But of all takeaway & delivery revenues e.g. only 6% are handled digitally. We truely believe that restaurants and the experiences we have there are part of our culture. So we want to create a solution that builds a bridge by enabling gastronomes to access new revenue dimensions and communicate with their guests outside of their restaurant. Speisekarte Digital is the easy & inspirational all-in-one marketplace for local gastronomes and their guests, no matter if guests want to book a table, register as a guest (Corona), dine-in, take-away or receive deliveries. The only question someone has to ask himself/herself is Do I want to cook a meal? If no, the answer is Speisekarte Digital!
Where do you stand right now and what is your number one priority? We have a prototype (Guest App: Corona registration and digital menue, Gastro-Dashboard: admin) that is about to be launched as a free version. No1 prio is raising pre-seed money in order to speed up marketing & development to take advantage of the timing: restaurants are longing for digital tools to handle takeaway ordering.
What makes you and your team the best fit for building your product? We are a team of 3. We all have some history in the gastronomy that we love to look back onto. After that, one of us went down the road of coding, one chose communication and the other banking and sales. One day in the summer some years ago we all met on a festival having our own food stall. We realized how well & passionately we work together and how big the lack of digital tools in this area is. After spending the last years on a local POS solution we wanted to launch the first edition in April 20 to festivals, bars & clubs. After Covid hit us hard, we decided to support gastronomes by offering an encrypted corona registration & digital menue for free. Talking to gastronomes we realized that ordering via this app would be of big help for them. So here we are envisioning the first all-in-one marketplace that will allow gastronomes to present themselves behind the scenes and grow their revenues even outside of the actual restaurant.
What makes this time perfect for your product to hit market? The need for mobile reservation, ordering & payment was growing disproportionately even before Corona - and has exploded now. Lockdowns, distance & hygiene measures will be present quite some time. So guest behavior is changing dramatically & for good. Existing digital tools are currently addressing only one service (either information, reservation or ordering), are very cost-intense and partly have reputational issues.
Tell us about your go to market strategy. Through offering Corona registration & digital menue for free, the ordering & payment at very competitive (but for us still attractive) price rates we aim to have some natural spread initiated from our network, combined with a bootstrapped marketing campaign (PR, SM, guerilla actions). Until now we used to proceed step-by-step very low budget, but right now we want to speed up like crazy due to the perfect timing. Honestly, we would love your support to work this out and get prepared!

Our humble opinion..

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  1. It seems that you have already thought about it. It is a good product, but in Berlin, it is already very competitive with others. Free is not a USP, here I would win trust; for example, doing interviews with restaurants. This is a good place to show the advantages of a digital menu. As a guest, I will probably contact you less (website etc) but primarily with the restaurant owner. Here I would also shift the communication to the restaurant owner. We are always very careful with our data, the question is it necessary to query the data digitally, this really makes things easier in the restaurant. Or can you score points with the customer with other features?

  2. My first thought was i miss going out to eat so much RIGHT NOW i wanna see super delicious incredible fooood! this is the perfect topic to work with emotional visuals and play with peoples emotions. food is such a lifestyle and for a lot of people like sex 😉 keep that in mind. so thats the one feedback that would help you tremendously moving forward. EMOTIONALIZE. i say that anyway to almost all of my clients but in your case its even more necessary. that also matters for the name. give it an emotionalized name not an explanatory 🙂 timing is perfect. should try to convince people that this is not opportunistic, instead you’re really worrying about our beloved neighborhoods