I was in deep need for change and found it in meditation

Veroniek Vermeulen


What are you offering and who is it for? Silatha is an award-winning meditation experience that supports working mums in building a regular meditation habit that sticks. We combine a meditation app with a tangible object that functions as daily reminder. Our method is loved by BJ Fogg, world’s leading expert on habit creation. So that we can stop working mums from feeling empty and exhausted to prevent burn out
Where do you stand right now and what is your number one priority? We launched and have a functioning product. We want to further develop and grow towards changing the old game of subscription apps, to the new game of offering a full experience that brings lasting change to the lives of working mums. An experience for mums that she does not want to live without. Be part of her inner circle where she dares to be her beautiful self and grow. Being a friend and coach for her. We want to further grow the community to give her a safe space, and develop the app further so that we start to know her (machine learning) and give her the support she needs when she needs it.
What makes you and your team the best fit for building your product? Meditation changed my life, fully. I had the life that many of these women have now and I was in deep need for change and found it in meditation. I couldn’t make it a daily habit and after in-depth research build this method that works. Seeing my closest friends struggling and myself getting two teenage boys in my life, I realised there was an underserved market that needs support more than anyone.
What makes this time perfect for your product to hit market? We are in a mental health crisis and the pandemic makes it even worse. 80% of women feel ‘not good enough’, 88% feels pressure to be perfect and because of that 40% is about to burn out. The pandemic makes 72% of women even more stressed.
Tell us about your go to market strategy. We started as a jewel (tangible object) with a meditation app. It was not easy to make the need for the tangible object clear to use next to the meditation app. So we pivoted to a meditation app, with a tangible object. This works much better. There are many meditation apps, mindfulness apps and coaching apps. Also some really big ones. We differentiate us by: 1. The tangible object, a trigger that is present whenever the users needs it, not when the app decides to send a message. Also it becomes a companion, a trustworthy object to give strength 2. Our meditations are very short to start with, so that habit forming s becomes much easier (retention is 5x higher vs competition) 3. Female focussed intentions like pregnancy and menopause, selflove and self-esteem. 4. We create a tribe where she feels safe

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  1. The idea to bundle that non-tangible digital product with a piece of jewelry is brilliant from both perspectives business as well as its supporting the use case serving as a daily reminder to meditate. brilliant! Also awesomely (does that word exist..? ) done to identify your personal piece with a questionnaire and triggering the user to get his very own personal and beautiful item. Love it!
    Sooo as a working mom myself i am struggling when businesses are approaching me for exactly that reason with exactly that story line. especially with a product like that which is supposed to serve just ME MYSELF and I and not me as a mom girlfriend colleague or boss I would totally create the brand around exactly that feeling. so i would not use it in my imagery or main messages. Also i am not exactly sure about very feminine and rose design. the brand personality should be yes calm but also strong powerful self aware. light pink for me is too soft, too plushy. Well i am just one opinion theres probably other mums with a different view and other girls who go crazy about rose tones. i would test that AB or ask target group. its a sensitive topic.
    Regarding biz model i think you’ll need to identify other revenue sources since there’s so much free content out there. maybe online coaching or live sessions will do much better than a subscription. Summed up i love meditation myself, I totally get the problem you’re tackling, I totally love the jewelry thing about it. has potential with being very sensitive about how exactly to create and position the brand

  2. Very nice approach. The combination of online and offline products gives a virtual product something touchable, something that reminds you of the other part. And therefore it increases the overall value. As a father of two I know about the stress you could have with kids and job. So it is very necessary to take you time for yourself.
    Even though the product approach of offering a very honest and personal product is great for the storyline but at the end you need a hardcore sales funnel to convert users into subscribers. Which means targeting your female audience on all social media channels. I prefer here always to do paid social campaigns. Channels like FB, Insta, Snapchat, Google Universal App Campaigns and Pinterest are offering great targeting opportunities, and I had great experiences with app install campaigns in many different markets. Also I would suggest to create social communities. I know about business that only grew through special facebook groups, also targeting moms. So if you want to be seen as a trusted partner of your customers, you need to be super close to them on all social channels.