ethical luxury watches with maximum responsibility

Nicolas Freudiger

ID Genève

What are you offering and who is it for? We are making ethical luxury watches with maximum responsibility and full transparency on our value chain.
Where do you stand right now and what is your number one priority? We are about to launch in december, our first collection will be crowdfunded and limited to 300 pieces.
What makes you and your team the best fit for building your product? ID Genève, we are one watchmaker, one designer and one entrepreneur. We are complementary to launch a watchbrand. We've been friends for more than 25 years and want to be significant in the world of watchmaking.
What makes this time perfect for your product to hit market? In 2020, we see Conscious consumption, short routes, recycled and recyclable materials, circular economy as trends for the future.
Tell us about your go to market strategy. We have self invested to create 10 prototype and run a campaign online and some events within Switzerland. All this to succeed in crowdfunding our firt collection.

Our humble opinion..

We are independently giving feedbacks without hearing each other first, that gives you real different perspectives and is fun for us to read each other's view too!

Don't mind typos since we want this to be our unfiltered first impressions without overthinking

  1. My first thought was, are watches really not sustainable? If that is your USP, you need information that shows why watches are not sustainable and why you are. Your website is unfortunately not yet meaningful, but you are still at the beginning 🙂

    I am curious how your first products will look like, what the price will be etc. I would recommend you to make the website more pre-sales oriented. You want to sell 300 watches in the beginning, that’s a good start. I am a fan of “build in public” so take your target group with you on your journey.

  2. I love watches. Therefore I was looking deeper into it. I know that there are many D2C watch brands that became very successfull like e.g. MVMT or Spinnaker. There success is based on great advertising mostly in Social channels.

    But even though ID Genève is not live yet, I was overwhelmed with information on the website. I couldn’t really catch the point. So if sustainabiity is the strongest differentiation then also communicate it more stronger.
    I use to say customers are stupid, lazy or both. Which means they will either not search for your clear USP or they won’t understand it in the first place if not simple to the point.
    That’s why, for the first step, I would optimize the design to make it more clearer.
    I would also start collecting information about potential customers. Why do you send them somewhere else (, if there is also nothing to be seen? Better collect there details, like email address and inform them when the product is live.

    About your Go-To-Market strategy: I am not sure about the events. I would rather try to take this budget and spend it on social media to increase th reach. Don’t think too local – better go global from the beginning on. People from all around the world could support your crowd-funding activities.

    You should also consider how to get out of the crowd-funding attitude to a real D2C product. Otherwise the chnce to stuck in the world of unknown brands is pretty high.