Creating a special table setting that differentiates every day

Samantha Ashe

Hostaro Tableware

What are you offering and who is it for? Hostaro Tableware styles tablescapes and sells the look online by giving its customer the ability to purchase all the products in that look (on the table) so they can recreate that look in their own home. We also offer a bespoke table styling service.
Where do you stand right now and what is your number one priority? I launched 5 weeks ago. My number one priority is to build my brand & build awareness Increase traffic to my site and increase conversions
What makes you and your team the best fit for building your product? I worked in marketing & events for 20 years. I loved hosting events and I also styled lifestyle photoshoots. My two favourite jobs; events & styling. I had always wanted to start my own tableware business and style tables At the beginning of covid earlier this year I decided to take the plunge and do it. So now I'm doing what I love. Styling tablescapes and selling tableware.
What makes this time perfect for your product to hit market? #Tablescapes – or styled table settings - have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and with the recent pandemic the Irish have started to entertain more at home.I conducted a survey earlier this year, and it was interesting to discover that Irish people have started to entertain more at home during the pandemic.  Indeed, I found that this trend had begun even prior to Covid- 19.  And though the industry has been hit with Covid, some brands have actually found that their online consumer business had increased. I’m optimistic about launching a new online business during these times.  Although visitors into people’s homes are restricted, and will be for some time to come, people still need to enjoy their meals and drinks in their own homes – particularly as they will be spending a lot more time at home! Hostaro Tableware can offer something more special so that its customers can enjoy a much nicer experience in their own home and creating a table setting that differentiates every day to a special evening / occasion.
Tell us about your go to market strategy. My marketing strategy is mainly digital and social media. My budget is low being a start up and funding it myself. Currently running a google smart search campaign and a small amount into Google shopping. For my Autumn/Winter look I focus my communications around the tablescape photoshoot I held, seeding out the photography through; Email marketing & Hostaro's blog. Social media through Facebook & Instagram and sponsoring posts. Using stories to talk through the products. I've also reached out to brands like florists and catering companies where I feel we compliment each other. I include their products in my shoots and we can share Hostaro's photography through their social media channels. Finally PR, including press releases. I've received a small bit of coverage so far. Amd I hope to build relationships with those who have written about Hostaro. I plan to select up to 6 key influences that would fit well with my brand and would like to work with Hostaro Tableware. Im now working on my next tablescape for Spring 2021

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  1. The idea of a bespoke table styling service is so incredibly cute i would totally play around with that way more. So you are not just another online shop you are you and this service is your story even though its not your core revenue stream. So you should become the influencer yourself around table decorations. Its such a unique niche but why not land and expand and make this your topic. social media definitely is the way to go no doubt about that. Everything should be super visual. less text imagery only. the imagery should have one identity where people recognize its your pictures no matter where they pop up. Speaking of: head for the visual search engines and the photographer platforms they’re free to use. I would work with challenges and a community. Also no cost. I can see before my eyes girls around the world competing and showing off their table ware. so thats your story selling your products will easily follow after that. How old is your target group? You seem quite young, the branding bit old school. could be intended though.

  2. I like it. I know from fashion experience that buyers need a lot of inspiration. Too many people cannot imagine how something could look like before not seeing it. I an imagine that customers could be pretty happy to get the full decoration and all belonging pieces.
    As this is a very emotional topic your engagement on social media looks already pretty decent.
    Also technically you seam to do a good job on different tracking pixels, measurings etc. So thumbs up fo that.
    Maybe you can shape your online shop a bit more to make your offer even more appealing, more inspiring. The process should be gettig visitors, inspiring them, creating a desire. Then they will try to put together the details on their own. Oh, doesn’t work! Good, let’s go back to the shop and buy the inspiration as it is.
    But in total I would say you have a pretty good idea on how to do it. Which is a good start. So continue with your dream.