We are a true family business with a heart

Romy Lindenberg

SHAVENT - S(h)ave in Style

What are you offering and who is it for? The elegant way of plastic-free shaving - designed in Italy, made in Germany approx. 500.000.000 razor blade cartridges end up in the residual waste every year let alone in Germany! That’s nuts! SHAVENT is here to change that - in style & comfort and with a local production!
Where do you stand right now and what is your number one priority? After we have launched the exact month of the first corona shut down, we finally we able to ship in September, after a – pretty nervewracking – journey around all the corona-induced hurdles of a production in locked down Germany. But we have made it and are super happy with the feedbacks of our first SHAVENT charge. Our top priority right now of course is growth 😊 we are focusing mainly on the German speaking region, but have already fans across the EU.
What makes you and your team the best fit for building your product? We are a true family business with a heart: If at all, usually you are born into a family business - we did it the other way around! All grown up (more or less), we start with our shared vision that sustainability can also be elegant, comfortable and simple, because were shocked when we realized how much waste such small things as the replaceable head of a razor cause: In Germany alone, wet shavers and their replaceable heads produce almost 100 truckloads of waste in just ONE year (and we're talking about full-grown 40-ton trucks)! The classic alternatives, such as single edge razors and knifes, did not convince us in usage - the comfort of easy and smooth daily shaving suffered too much. So we worked for a long time and with SHAVENT developed a 3-bladed plastic-free wet shave razor that combines a fully functional, comfortable pivoting head with the simplicity of classic razor blades. As a passionate mechanical engineer, father Armin has technical know-how in his blood - he developed the SHAVENT razor and perfected it with his experience until it met his high standards. (He finds it terribly unprofessional to reveal this here, but: within the family he has been called MacGyver for decades - and rightly so, according to the team.) Daughter Romy would like to use her experience in building up young companies to finally carry Armin's ingenuity into the world. With both a technical and economic background, mother Angie is the perfect link for our small family team.
What makes this time perfect for your product to hit market? We FINALLY got to the point where a large portion of people realized that they need to change their consumption behavior. Reuse, reduce, recycle can already have a huge impact. But we realized that for a lot of people, changing their lifestyle is a hard thing to do - especially when it comes to sacrificing comfort in their daily lives. This is why we wanted to create a sustainable everyday solution that keeps all the comfort people are used to and in the long run even saves money for expensive blade cartridges. We are convinced: only ideas that make change easy and comfy will have a large enough impact in a short enough time! #plasticfreeandhappy or as we say in German #plastikfreiundspassdabei
Tell us about your go to market strategy. To be honest, our go-to-market was just exactly that: honest! We started off with a crowd-funding campaign, showing people our idea and setup and got so much postive feedback! After we were FINALLY able to start shipping our SHAVENTs, we now focus on online marketing, social media and reviews, as well as many plastic-free stores in Germany and Europe, who love the sustainable and locally produced approch and want to offer SHAVENT as part of their plastic-free bathroom assortment.

Our humble opinion..

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  1. Great problem/solution not just a business! I love and support products that solve real problem. So the timing is just right for many products like yours you’re absolutely right.
    First question that popped in my head why is my shaver plastic? I wasn’t aware it is a such a waste problem, now thinking of it yes right. It’s such a convenient product you don’t think about in day to day life and a shaver seemed very ‘metal’ to me so it wouldn’t have been the first thing i think of in terms of plastic. So you might wanna point out that incredible number of 500.000.000 (by the way the first thing you mentioned in the interview ;)) right in the hero section. Repeat and repeat that number wherever you can.
    Is it primarily a male or female problem? I would suppose there are more men or if it’s even you might consider a gender neutral or 2 brands, this brand seems quite female.
    Your personal story is super cute, totally love it being a family business. Show it! Give your product a soul and a personal touch, people love authenticity. Right now it looks like a familiar brand you’ve seen before. You want to be memorable and unique so work out the uniqueness of your story and let that define your brand personality.
    PS: the product itself is super beautiful. Do tons of shots and flood the social media channels and picture platforms such as unsplash and pexels.
    Great product + motivation + time!

  2. When I saw the product topic, I was really bored in the first place. I mean, the razor topic is already some years old. Remember this amazing video ad that went viral from Dollarshaveclub. They sold their company for serious money to Wilkinson. Nevertheless I read the interview almost 3 times and after visiting the Shavent page I got a better feeling. I like products that are made of love. And I think customers like that too. So it is very important to tell this story everywhere. There must be a strong connection between the product and the creator. It’s all about a good story. Which gives also many opportunities in PR and Social Media. But this is actually what I am missing a bit. Don’t get me wrong, the page, the shop and social channels are well done, but not unique. The interview gave me more exciting details about the product than the online presences did. The customer needs to get this immediately without searching for the story. The reason why you need this strong connection to the customer is simple: everyone is aware of waste and would love to change it somehow. But then there are two factors, that are overwhelming: laziness and costiveness. Which means, either customers are not willing to pay for high prize products or they rather buy their razor on the run, when being in the drugstore or grocery store anyways. Changing behavior on the long-term is hard. So you need to create the feeling for the customer, that they have been waiting for this product all their lives. I have been working with Glossybox in the Beauty industry, and the strongest drivers have been emotions when using the product and even one step before: when opening it! I don’t know about the package design, but it should be like opening a sustainable Apple Iphone box. It must be beautiful and exciting. BUt the most important ingredient you already have: LOVE.

  3. I personally like plastic-free projects very much. But not everybody thinks so, the question is it necessary to make a razor plastic free. What are the alternatives, that came to my mind directly as a thought. Whether plastic free or not, the price is premium and so should the website and communication feel like that. Plastic-free is just a nice add on in this segment. Unfortunately the brand doesn’t pick me up at all, I have permanent problems scrolling the website because something doesn’t work. My recommendation is to take a close look at the needs of the customers and understand exactly what is relevant in the market and to reposition my brand and products.

    At the moment it is not yet clear to me exactly.